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  • Armenian Genocide
    This is a story about my family. More exactly, this is a story about the family tree I had to put together in high school.
  • My Hands
    I wrote this piece for my students so they could see what I meant by “show, don’t tell.”
  • “L” is for Lowe
    In the midst of refinishing our hardwood floors, Rob and I get a sign that “there is a Divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will.”
  • Tone Three
    This piece narrates part of my experience learning Byzantine chant and touches on its history and theory. It was intended to be one of eight, concentrating on the eight tones, but well, it never got that far.
  • The Gates of Repentance
    A journey to The Gates of Central Park, a Christo / Jeanne-Claude installation, entwined with a journey to Orthodox Lent.
  • Tall Buildings
    A review of the MoMA QNS exhibit by this name.
  • In Praise of Artistic Compromise
    This piece contrasts my education by the New York architectural intelligentsia with the education I give to my Suzuki students.
  • Just There
    A haunting experience at the March for Life: why abortion isn't a black-and-white issue.
  • Starbucks Aesthetic
    Starbucks has perfectly decent coffee, but they’re ruining art.
  • What is Art?
    The age-old question. In the midst of a raging debate over NEA and Chris Ofili’s elephant dung Virgin, I discovered beauty at the Isamu Nogichi museum.
  • To Ghillian
    Not related to the awful movie released later that year, this is a sonnet composed to my high school best friend.

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