To Ghillian

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My friendship with thee saw my life begin;
Thou saved my heart from journeying alone.
A heart, when not embraced, will turn to stone;
But mine was kept alive by yours — its twin.
Life’s endless battles never need I fight,
For thou alway dost rise to my defense.
The lioness hath not thy vehemence
When I am wronged. Thou see’st it soon made right.
Our loves and hopes and fears forever joined:
Th’almighty God, creating all the earth,
Took pity on my future loneliness;
A very likeness of myself he coined,
To share in all my sorrow and my mirth.
Thy presence doth my life continually bless.

Photo Prickly Pear Bloom - Sedona, May 2005

Copyright © 2009 Emily Jorjorian Lowe. All rights reserved.


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